Lock Down has Locked Out the On Campus Education

 The ‘new normal’ has changed the lifestyle across the globe…    …after the discovery of COVID-19. The magnitude of the change is almost the same all over the world population, however, some countries were found more resilient to it. Despite this fact, formal education has been disturbed equally. The previous year was very turbulent inContinue reading “Lock Down has Locked Out the On Campus Education”

The Other Side of Student Learning

There is a direct connection between school output with the ability of students to learn. The ways to enhance student learning are thus so related to school output. From the perspective of quality of teaching staff, the school management usually invests a lot in order to engage a high-quality staff with a good reputation. ByContinue reading “The Other Side of Student Learning”

Fear of Taking Examination

The examination is the procedure that helps in students’ assessment. In Pakistan during this pandemic of Corona Virus Disease 2019, the ability to take examinations is reduced a lot. It is mainly due to the fact that since 2020 till date, the full academic activities on-premises could not be done. Online distant learning was usedContinue reading “Fear of Taking Examination”