Imtiaz Super Market

Ten years ago, everybody in Karachi was familiar with Imtiaz Super Market, and now… 

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  … every dweller of a major city of Pakistan knows much about the Imtiaz Super Market. It’s now a supermarket chain in Pakistan.

With a humble background, rooted in the typical culture of Karachi, where Karachiites buy their month-long grocery from Joria Bazzar, Imtiaz Super Store served them in a similar fashion as a very good grocery store. The Staff was courteous and the Till was quick. The Range was complete and plentiful and the Price was as low as of Joria Bazaar. That was the key. Imtiaz Super Store boomed. Its pupal stage completes with the completion of metamorphosis and its Imago is now ‘Imtiaz Super Market’, an ultimate shopping experience.

Imtiaz Super Market (ISM) exhibits a potential of 18 branches situated in 6 cities across Pakistan, showcasing 10K plus brands and with over 7k dedicated employees, they are serving their 500k plus loyal customers.

It is fun for the Karachiites to go to ISM on the first weekend of a month. They find it very convenient to shop their groceries, savor the vast varieties of kids’ toys, girls’ jewelry, and men’s car or home workshop tools or accessories. Also, the complete and separate portion for women is a great place for the ladies to buy from shoes to perfume, from bangles to socks.

The cool temperature is heaven-like in summer and vast corridors are the reason for free and agile movement in the Store. The full-fledged pharmacy with almost all medicines is a real treat as, after grocery, no one likes to leave home again and buy medicines from a nearby medical store. In addition to that, all necessary portable medical equipment are available like Blood Sugar Testing Machine, Manual and Digital Blood Pressure Machines, the Oximeters, and the Nebulizers.  

Along with vegetables and bakery items, they have a meat shop as well. There one can buy all types of ‘Halal’ meat with the satisfaction of reasonable price, freshness, and weight. In the meet shop, all range of protein is available from White to Red.  They have tender chicken, veal, and fish. 

To add topping on it, the prices in ISM are very reasonable. In fact, the prices are cheap. That is why buying from ISM is economical for all walks of life. Moreover, the tea lovers and the chocolate addicts find their choices which are imported and are manufactured or packed in the near past. Thus the shelf life of these commodities is very long in ISM.  

It is laudable that the Imtiaz Super Market has extended their services from Karachi to major cities of Pakistan. Thus providing a good environment for shopping, convenience, fun, and outing. The efforts to provide the customer experience with convenience and economy are actually materialized by ISM by giving more than 60 years filled with toil. The business is run by family and the determination towards excellence is now their hallmark shown by all family members.

There was a time when we were facing a big question of doing groceries, whether from Joria Bazzaar or the local market but now we can do our shopping under one roof with ease and a happy face.

Work-Life Balance – Essential yet Challenging

In Pakistan like every other country, every morning of a weekday we start our work life with great enthusiasm and energy. Our family helps us in this by giving us support as they prepare morning tea, breakfast, clothes, and other small things. However, often, work takes precedence over everything else in our lives. The desire to professionally achieve something can push us to line aside our own family life.

What is work-life balance, and how it is important? Carving a harmonious work-life balance is critical, while, to enhance our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, it is also important for our career. Work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where an individual evenly prioritizes the stress of career and the demands of personal life. Various reasons that commonly cause a poor work-life balance include: Working for long hours, Increased responsibilities at work, Responsibilities at home.
An optimal work-life balance has several positive effects, which include less stress, a lower risk of being exhausted, and a greater sagacity of well-being. These effects benefits in addition to the employees, affect the employers too. Factually work-life balance is the way to distribute your life hours in a sensible manner to avoid over-stressed life at work and a less happy family.
Nowadays the work-from-home phenomenon has changed the concept of work-life. Owing to the pandemic of Covid-19 now working remotely from home is a universal happening. It is true that the new normal is like Flexi-timing. We work at will. When we find it suitable to work, we work and when we need a family break, we take it. But still, we manage to complete the given tasks in time and with efficiency though we are at home. The family is happy now because they have more time to spend with us. Equally the various family chores are done by us during any time of the day. However, it is now tougher to balance the work-life. We are now our own judge. We have to restrain from mixing the working hours with family life. Interestingly it is not one-sided. The family has to reciprocate. The kids do not understand the importance of office hours. They are so innocent that they just crawl into our “home-based official life”.
Whether we are at office premises or workplace or at home during office hours, we need to learn to discipline ourselves. The colleague, the deadlines, the customer-oriented work, and all are the same. Structuring our day can increase productivity at work. Prioritizing our health first and foremost will result in a far better employee and a person. We must remember it is possible to achieve a reasonable work-life balance, but we have to have a desire to do it.
Work-life balance is the adjusting of our time and mental capacity used on our work and our life outside of the work. This adjustment should allow us to complete all tasks and assignments required from us at work promptly at the same time as having the energy to spend on personal interests, hobbies, family, and friends or simply relaxing.

This balance will allow us to maintain impetus at work in order to achieve long-term career goals and fully enjoy our time outside of our work by being able to focus on the tasks at hand. This doesn’t necessarily mean an equal balance, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution we could be trying for. An ideal work-life balance is one where we have been productive at work while still having the time to enjoy life outside the office.
Over the past decades, in many contexts, work stress has augmented. With changes in technology, we are also more likely to bring our work home. Lack of work-life balance carries us towards a wide variety of negative outcomes for both life and work. For example, a lack of work-life balance may mean less engagement in family relationships, higher rates of depression, and lower quality of life. At the same time, it is apparent that a lack of work-life balance may lead to increased absenteeism, lower job satisfaction, lower loyalty, higher turnover, and increases in psychological distress that spill over and affect productivity. Most men and women in wealthy countries see work-life balance as a serious point in assessing job opportunities. The strategies for better work-life balance may affect not only outcomes for individuals but contribute to societal level outcomes, such as improved gender parity in employment and wages, reduced poverty and inequality, and increased productivity. Overall, the work-life balance is important for both improved work and the life end results, as well as improved societal upshots.

Earn Money By Writing Subtitles in 2021

If you’re looking to earn money by writing subtitles for videos movies and other video projects, online subtitling jobs will be perfect for you whether you’re new to this field or have some background knowledge. This post will explain everything you need to know together with listing a few companies where you can apply. Also some pros and cons will be presented to help you decide whether it is really your cup of tea.
Subtitles are intended for viewers who couldn’t understand the spoken language in the video. Writing subtitles simply means translating the video language into another recommended language and text format. A good example will be English subtitles found in Thai movies.
What is the difference between captions and subtitles? It is essential to know the difference between them as people fall into confusion considering they are the same though both have somewhat the same job. There is a slight difference between them. Captions are written text shown when the audio is not clear it just displays the exact words the person is talking about in the video for example if you are watching a video where the voice is too low that you’re unable to understand adding a caption solves the problem on the other hand subtitles are translated text shown when the targeted audience couldn’t understand the language for example being an English-speaking person when you watch a video in an unfamiliar language like Korean or Japanese, an English subtitle can help you figure out the conversation.
Now one might think that what are the skills needed for earning money by writing subtitles. The skills required for this job are not something extraordinary in fact most of you are probably qualified if you know how to read and write in another language besides English. But there are a few things you need to understand before getting into the subtitling scenario. You should know how to work with translation tools in YouTube subtitles. You must also know how to shorten a long conversation into a few words keeping the same meaning intact. Must possess good typing speed so you can complete projects faster within the time frame. Must have impeccable writing skills. If you work on these things, you can improve your chances of getting selected by subtitling companies. Though some clients prefer an experienced freelancer, many don’t care as long as you know the required language. Obviously it is good news for beginners but it is still recommended enrolling in online training to understand all the tricks of the trade before commencing your subtitling journey. There are online courses that teach subtitling learning. A skill from an expert is the best way to shorten the learning curve and gain more confidence even though the subtitling job may look like a piece of cake it needs some proper training. This will help you in impressing your clients. That’s why a few courses are recommended that will help you polish this skill. So course number one is ‘Learn all about creating subtitles’. It is in Udemy. This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn the proper way to subtitle and caption videos. Course number two is ‘English and Spanish audio visual translation guide’. This course is suitable for people who want to subtitle English and Spanish videos.

You may wonder that how much does a subtitle translator earn. At ‘REV’ the basic pay goes around one dollar and fifty cents to three dollars per audio video minute depending on the language. This can estimate up to $ 900 plus a month, if you’re freelancing you can even make more as you don’t have to share the earning with the company. Though the income looks impressive you’re only going to achieve such numbers when you can wrap up several projects in a month. This can only happen when your typing speed and writing skills are impeccable. Also when you gain sufficient experience you will be the first choice for clients over beginners thus resulting in more opportunities and more earning.
You can find subtitle typing jobs as there are two ways to get into the subtitle typing business. Either start freelancing by offering your service to the clients or join online subtitling companies to get started with freelancing. Try the following websites; No. 1, Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancer sells their gigs starting from five dollars. To get started, create an account by listing all the details about your gig. Ensure the description is captivating and well written because that’s what the clients are checking before choosing you. Also start your gig with a minimum price and work way up till you have completed more jobs. No. 2, Upwork. Upwork is another freelance platform where you have to bid for the jobs to receive work from clients. Basically you need to create an account by filling all the details and then look up subtitle jobs using the search bar. Once you have chosen a job bid for it and wait for the client’s approval. Most of the times they are going to reject you as they can choose experienced freelancers, however, if you’re lucky you may get the deal.
An excellent way to increase your chance of getting the project is by bidding at a minimum rate. No. 3, FlexJobs. FlexJobs is a job searching site where anyone can find remote work from home and other job opportunities. Though you have to pay a price of $6.95 to access the listings for a week you can still browse the jobs for free. The only thing you can’t do is view the complete job detail and apply for the job number. No. 4, Freelancer. Freelancer works the same way as Upwork where you have to bid for projects. To receive the job apart from this, join ‘Peopleperhour’, which is a Fiverr alternative. There are indeed some other websites to find subtitling jobs.
It is important to know that there are two companies where you can work as a freelance subtitle translator after clearing their test. Number 1 is REV. Besides providing transcription and caption services they also provide freelance subtitle jobs where you can earn up to 958 dollars a month which is anywhere from one dollar and fifty cents to three dollars per audio / video minute. While applying for the job you must submit an English writing sample and your subtitling resume to proceed the work comprises converting English spoken video files into the recommended language and the payments are released weekly. Number 2, Vanan. Vanan is another company that started in 2013 offering similar jobs. They have previously worked for some big firms like HP, Intel, NASA, Harvard University and many more.
The subtitling job vacancy is not always available. You need to keep checking their website from time to time to see if there are any available positions.
Every job has some pros and cons and subtitling jobs is no different. Here are a few advantages you can enjoy as a subtitle translator. 1) Experience is not much needed to get into this field as long as you know multiple languages you’re good to go. 2) The subtitle writing job will become easy as long as you have a good grip on English and you’re well versed in the required language like Spanish, Korean, Thai etc. Though everybody loves the job benefits there are some cons you need to know before making your final decision. Con No. 1, this is not a well-paying job that can be considered full-time, if you are interested in only making extra money as a side hustle, go ahead. Con No. 2, you may have to face a lot of rejections from the clients when you’re starting out, however, this will improve as you gain experience. Con No. 3, sometimes you may find poor video audios that can hinder your work speed. It is hoped that these pros and cons will help you decide whether it is a really workable job for you or not.

While living in Canada, how to file your tax returns quickly ?

Living in Canada is 

 so good that many people from all over the world wish to migrate from their native countries to Canada. People, who apply and get success in immigration to Canada, consider themselves blessed. While living in Canada is a great experience for Canadian citizens, tax return filing is an important governmental activity that is essential in order to know the actual income of the country as well as to know other economic factors like the level of unemployment. Actually, the filing of a tax return is also important because, god forbid, if someone got unemployed, he/she will get financial support from the government immediately. However, it seems to be a little bit tricky activity as the process of filing the tax returns and tax terminology is not well accustomed to a layman and one can be perplexed.

In addition to some other methods, there are two main methods by which you can file your tax return fast in Canada. First is; the tax returns can be filled out and be mail to the local tax service office. Paper Return can be obtained from a post office, office of the local tax service or otherwise can be downloaded from the CRA website. The refund will be provided in 4-6 weeks if any.

Secondly, in lieu of a paper return, you can file your return online too. The government of Canada has NETFILE and ReFILE services by which one can file his / her tax return online. This method is fast and the refund will be provided in about 2 weeks if any. It is to be noted that one cannot file his / her tax return online if he/she is filing for the first time. That means in any case you have to send your paper tax return for the first time.

The Other Side of Student Learning

There is a direct connection between school output with the ability of students to learn. The ways to enhance student learning are thus so related to school output.

From the perspective of quality of teaching staff, the school management usually invests a lot in order to engage a high-quality staff with a good reputation. By this, the management steps forward to enhance the school output. Many times the post joining training is conducted to improve the skill sets of the teachers. This training also includes soft skill learning because nowadays we know that along with a good Intelligent Quotient (IQ) the Emotional Quotient (EQ) also known as Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a vital role in building a well-performing personality.
The quality of education thus is two-pronged, one belongs to the teaching quality and the second belongs to students’ lasting-learning capability. Good strategies to improve the learning capability of the students is the desired solution to get an improved school output from the aspect of enhanced student learning. The scientific methods of student education derive the strategies. The strategies which start from questing how to improve the learning power of a student are well directed towards the goal of achieving a high output of the school.
The salient points of a good strategy will be as follows:
 The aptitude tests at the time of admission should be designed so that they will play an important role in judging the student’s ability to learn and keep the learning material in mind for a longer period.

 Increasing the basic skills like writing, critical thinking, and problem solving

 A motivating campaign should be implemented to catch the attention of students on spending a good amount of their time on the course work.

In these modern times, information technology is taking over the spaces in almost all fields of science. Schooling is no exception. In school management, the role of information technology has been very critical in past but it is now essential. The key output indicators play an important role. Like; school output, quality of education, and the strategies to improve learning are digitized. Well-written software and well-trimmed websites are in the picture now. The good software not only marks the attendance but gives the distance learning via purpose-built websites. Thus the better use of information technology helps in improving the total output of a school.

When we explore the school output, we find that a management of a school must consider the following areas in order to formulate its school improvement strategy.
a) Tangible
b) Intangible
In tangibles; the school premises, playground, assembly area, parking, vegetation, sanitation, canteen, teachers and staff, audiovisual aid, medical facilities, computer lab, and library are included. The improvement in all these physical facilities will surely affect the improvement of the school’s overall output.
While the Intangibles are the quality of education provided to students by the teachers and the quality and ability of students to learn. This area is equally important as the tangibles are, but in some ways, is more important. The equipment are relatively easy to check with respect to their need, whereas, intangible qualities can only be checked after completing a study session and reviewing the assessment results of the students. However, minute checkpoints are used to measure these qualities while doing a study session. Small quizzes and assessments in the middle of the session can indicate the week areas of quality education of school staff and good ability of learning of the students.
As we all know that a healthy body will have a healthy mind. The school premises which contain playing grounds and indoor halls for games and physical training would produce the students who are good in athletics as well as in their studies. Everybody has witnessed in his life that the children are now very intelligent and sharp however they are not giving much time to their physical activities. Instead, they are watching television more. They are spending a great time on mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers by playing games and watching movies. This lack of physical activity reduces their blood circulation to the mind and thus the memory is also affected. To overcome this phenomenon, the school management has to arrange the physical activity in school time only for the sake of good educational results and thus improved output of the school. For that, they need to invest more in this part for the betterment of the playing grounds, indoor halls, and playing equipment like football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, chess, scrabble, and taekwondo to name a few.

Last but not the least, the COVID-19 challenge is now very much handled by World Health Organization (WHO) and local country-wise health authorities but still students are devoid of full-stretched study sessions as it were before this ‘New-Normal’. In such a situation due to communication gaps, computer/laptop/tab/mobile-ridden classes, and no school going; a generation of students is evolved which is not only worrying for their studies and knowledge but also for the school and its output. Every school is struggling to cope up with its repute and legacy. The goal is to maintain the output. The test is to keep the school alive and kicking. The resources are scarce. Governments are encouraging students and schools both to follow the standing operating procedures and thus avoid the disease as well as study hard remotely so that the output of students and the school both can remain above the bar as was set in past years of pre-pandemic.

Nine Habits of Healthy Persons

In my view, nine habits of a person might turn into healthy and longer life. And also in my view, these might be the habits of people who do live a very long life and are also quite healthy. So let’s take a look at these habits to see if you can break them down and implement them into your own life so that you can be healthier and hopefully live longer.

Habit # 1 is that the people who move around for at least thirty minutes a day. Physical activity has all kinds of benefits from psychological to physiological to all kinds, even your friendships. The quality of your friendships can increase just by moving around for 30 minutes a day because it increases the healthiness of the neurons in the brain. I would suggest these 30 minutes of movement is a bare minimum and if that bare minimum is a struggle make it something that you enjoy doing like playing a sport. If you like lifting then go and lift if you like running then go and run, if you like running do not go and lift if that’s not what’s going to motivate you to move around for 30 minutes a day.
Habit # 2 is that healthy people have a favorite sport. It doesn’t need that you should be a sports guy but if you do enjoy playing basketball with some friends then this will help a lot in moving around for 30 minutes a day. In fact when you go out and play basketball with your friends you don’t even realize 30 minutes has passed. It’s usually an hour or two hours and then the gyms closing and it’s like wow I did not realize I spent that much in physical activity while enjoying the time with my friends.
Habit # 3 is that the healthy people educate themselves about the food that they put in their bodies. This is something that a lot of people struggle with because there’s a lot of myths and bad information on the internet but what you can do is sort through it so just read as much as you can and you’ll kind of start to understand that all right this is a myth and I don’t need to believe this. This is a bad article, this website gives out horrible information… it’s just something that you do overtime. You just have to continually educate yourself about the food, about macronutrients, about calories even technical stuff like how to build muscle, how to lose weight etc.
Being healthy habit # 4 is that healthy people have a meal plan. This isn’t something that you would have really implemented in your life but you must have a schedule. You have certain meals that you go through your day and you know that these are healthy enough and these don’t have any major carcinogens. However, if you eat them through the day will be not good. So having a meal plan or at least a meal schedule is something that a lot of healthy people have in their life.

Habit # 5 is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. For that, you can carry around a two-liter bottle of water. At start for some people, it’s going to be a ton of water especially if they are used to drinking pop or soda throughout the day. Some people drink a lot of tea so switching from tea to water would be quite a challenge but after 6 months they will be drinking anything other than specifically water or milk. If you go to bed and right before you chug around 8 ounces of room-temperature water, for some reason it will help you to get to sleep better.
Habit # 6 is that they are outside a lot. As we all know that overexposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer if you do not protect yourself from it well enough, but your body will start to produce more nutrients from the sunlight like vitamin D. It is thought that people can actually start to get depressed if the natural sunlight is taken away from them. It’s called sad or seasonal affective disorder so there are proven benefits of having sunlight.
Habit # 7 is that they get at least 7 hours of quality sleep. This habit is the most important one. You can have sleep but if the lights on and there’s a weird noise in the background then you’re not going to have quality sleep. Try to keep the light off. Do not take any caffeine for less than six hours before you go to sleep. Turn down most of the light, even on your phone there should be like a brightness thing that you can turn down.

Habit # 8 is that they meditate frequently. It is thought that people who have meditated actually experienced that it improves the quality of their life from handling their emotions better to improving their sleep quality, to even feeling more peaceful throughout the day. Just a couple minutes of meditation right after you wake up or right before you go to bed can increase grey matter in your brain and perhaps technically can increase your IQ over time.
Habit # 9 is that they smile. You will notice that for some reason healthy people smile a lot. Author Shafiq Ur Rehman in his humor- ‘Mazeed Hamaqatain’ pointed out that a character was always rude because of constipation. So there is a correlation or causation that healthy people smile a lot. Maybe they’re healthy that is why they smile or maybe because they smile a lot, they are healthy. If you practice you would know that yes there’s a correlation between this. So if you put yourself in a lot of situations where you can smile, where you are happy, where you are fulfilled and joyful, and just motivated to do stuff throughout the day.

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Fear of Taking Examination

The examination is the procedure that helps in students’ assessment. In Pakistan during this pandemic of Corona Virus Disease 2019, the ability to take examinations is reduced a lot. It is mainly due to the fact that since 2020 till date, the full academic activities on-premises could not be done. Online distant learning was used from Montessori to Ph.D. classes. The experience of online classrooms was good and had served much but due to the primary shortcomings of an online class, the full academic session had not been done.

An online class is not as disciplined as any on-premise class. The students got bored. They have more attraction around them which distracts them from taking an online class. Problems like the internet issue, the electricity availability, and the quality of the gadget being used also hampered the process of learning. This left the pupils to learn by themselves with the help of home tuition by their parents or siblings. The situation is worse in homes where the family members are not educated enough to give tuition. Anyhow, the whole lot has struggled much to cope up with Covid-19 damages to their academics.
The government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Education was well aware of this dilemma and had taken some steps to ease out the plight of the students. They knew that the students are not well versed with the full course. However, they can do their best with the reduced study outline. Keeping that in view, the government has reduced the syllabus. Also, the portion of MCQs has been increased in the written exam so that less writing is required to pass the examination.
The irony is that the aforementioned situation has put students in lethargy. They are not much panicked now. They are of the view that the course has been shortened. The MCQs portion is increased. So it’s easy to cross the passing line. They have dropped the point from their mind that doing so they would not attain a good level of knowledge which might be required in next level of education and in the professional life.

Meanwhile, a number of students thought that they deserve a sympathy pass from the Examination Board or University as they had gone through the worse disaster in the world. They staged demonstrations in various cities of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan took notice and talked with them. However, the GoP is convinced that the measures took earlier are fair and will serve good to serious students.
Resultantly, Matric and Intermediate Board examinations are underway during July 2021 throughout Pakistan. Might be all students are not happy in general but the serious students must be working hard to shine out and to secure their future. These tough times in the life of the current youth will remain a part of memory and they will enjoy it when they will remember it. The hardship will go soon and only the happiness will prevail because the power of the human race is so strong that it survives each time when a calamity tries to engulf it.

What is Cryptocurrency? A simple way to understand.

Today cryptocurrencies have become a global incident known by many people but understood by few. In 2018 you will have a tough time finding a serious bank, firm, software company, or government that hasn’t researched cryptocurrencies or started a blockchain project. Many of us often need to understand the mechanism. So let us walk through the whole story of what are cryptocurrencies. The man who invented Bitcoin in 2008 was Satoshi. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. To realize digital cash you would need a payment network with accounts balances and transactions.

That is easy to understand however one major problem every payment network has to solve is to prevent double-spending. This means, to stop one entity from spending an equivalent amount twice. Usually, this is done by a Central Server which keeps records of all the balances. Whereas in a decentralized network you don’t have this server so you need every single entity of the network to do this job. Every peer in the network requires to have a complete list with all the transactions in order to check if future transactions are valid or if there is an attempt to double spend is made. Let us see that how these entities keep a consensus about these records. If the peers on the network do not agree about one single minor balance, everything breaks. They need an absolute consensus. Nobody knew how to achieve this until Sato proved it was possible. Cryptocurrencies are a key part of the solution. To explain this, we will note the transactions on the network. The transaction is a file that says that John gives X Bitcoin to Jane and is assigned digitally by Mark. Once it has been signed, the transaction is broadcasted to the network by sending from one peer to each other peer. This is the standard P2P technology. After an amount of your time, the transaction gets confirmed. Only miners can confirm transactions and this is their job in a cryptocurrency network. They take transactions, stamp them as legitimate, and spread them within the network. When a miner confirms a transaction every node has to add it to its database. 

That means it has to become part of the blockchain. For this job, the miners are rewarded with cryptocurrency, for instance, Bitcoins. Anybody can be a miner. They just got to use a number of their computer’s
power to qualify for the task. Every miner competes to solve a cryptographic puzzle and after finding a solution, a miner can confirm the transaction and add it to the blockchain. While as an incentive to do this, they, then receive a payment from the network in the form of a cryptocurrency. This is the method by which a network of independent actors is economically incentivized to take care of the authority of the transaction history. So that is the gist of Cryptocurrencies.
These are the key to the complex digital cash problem which Satoshi solved. He kept in mind that how to maintain integrity and consensus across independent and potentially malicious actors. Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally the monetary benefit offered to anyone willing to maintain the network secure.


The Home Department of Government of Sindh has issued on 30 July 2021 an order of lockdown in the territory of Sindh Province bearing the reference number NO. SOJI/8-1(04)2020(Stage-4 NPIs).

It states that as it is evident that there has been an exponential rise in the number of COVID-19 cases especially in Karachi — needless to mention that other parts of the province of Sindh remain equally vulnerable and that this increase is apprehended to further rise if adequate preventive measures are not taken mainly being the prevention of social contact and gatherings in any form. For this, further immediate steps are required to step up the restrictions and closures for the purpose of breaking the chain of the spread of the deadly virus.
Now, therefore, in the exercise of powers under Section 3(1) of the Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act, 2014 (The Sindh Act VIII of 2015) and in continuation of earlier orders of even number, the Government of Sindh is satisfied that it has become imminent to prevent mixing/gathering/meeting of people by taking appropriate

measures in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 and therefore complete ban is imposed on the movement — intra-city, Inter-city and Inter-provincial in public or private transport, and the gathering of people for any purpose — social, religious, customary, business, sports, entertainment, recreation, education, training, coaching, examination or for any other purpose at any place — public or private including offices within the territorial limits of the province of Sindh for a period of 09 days with effect from 31.07.2021 to 08.08.2021except as provided herein:
1) Personnel and establishments/premises related exclusively to export sector.
2) Personnel related to Health Services like Hospitals, Laboratories and Medical stores.
3) Personnel related to Law Enforcing Agencies enforcing / implementing this order.
4) Personnel related to Essential Services / Offices going to perform their duties or providing essential services as declared in the later part of this order.
5) Persons in need of medical care with an attendant where necessary.
6) Persons going for vaccination within their respective district of residence.
7) Person going to buy groceries and medicines in extreme emergency.
8) Necessary / unavoidable religious rites like the last rites, Namaz-e-Janaza,    Burial and related events provided that all precautions against spread of disease are taken and a safe distance of 01 meter (3 feet) is maintained among people gathered in small numbers / close family members after prior intimation to SHO of the area. Assistant Commissioner and SDPO of the area will supervise and as and when necessary provide added force /manpower for compliance.
9) Restaurants may remain functional only and only for the purpose of delivery subject to following of all SOPs. However, for the staff and delivery personnel vaccination is mandatory. The delivery personnel must have in their possession vaccination certificates for inspection by the law enforcement personnel.
10)Home delivery under e-commerce provided that staff at warehouses/godowns and the delivery personnel shall be fully vaccinated and be in possession of vaccination certificate for inspection by law enforcement personnel.
11)Any exemption granted under this order or that, as may be deemed necessary by the Government of Sindh.
Essential Services:
i. Health & related services Like hospitals, medical stores, laboratories, vaccination services, manufacturers
ii Food and related industry/ manufacturers
iii. Standalone Grocery Stores, Fish, Meat, Vegetable / Fruit Vendors, Bakery Shops, Tandoors and Dairy Shops
iv. Essential Municipal Services
v. Electricity & SSGC
vi. Water Supply (including supply by water tankers where essential) & Sewerage
vii. Port operations, PNSC & Custom Services
viii. PTA/PTCL/NTC Service Staff
ix. Cellular companies Service staff for repair maintenance of towers/cables
x. Banks (with limited staff for services)
xi. Stock Exchange, CDC and related services (with limited staff)
xii. Petrol Pumps
xiii. Welfare Organizations Chippa, Edhi, Seylani& JDC providing essential services.
xiv. Media Persons authorized by Information department, newspaper hawkers
xv. Any other class as may be deemed essential and so declared by the Government.

Timings For Selected Essential Services:
Standalone Grocery Stores, Fish, meat, vegetable / fruit vendors and dairy shopsShall remain closed from 06:00 pm to 06:00 am.
SOPs for Export Oriented Business:
Industrial establishments, businesses, offices/premises exclusively dealing with export may remain functional provided the owner/manager/officer in charge issues specific and express order in this regard and has valid export orders.
Any person who is owner, manager, in-charge or person responsible for any such premises where general public visits or workers/staff works/perform duties has to ensure following measures:
i) The entire staff / labour including management and security personnel shall be fully vaccinated and must have in their possession vaccination certificates for inspection by law enforcement personnel.
ii) The workers and staff are properly briefed on the COVID-19 and spread of disease and the required precautions against the disease as well as symptoms of the disease and required steps of self-isolation and seeking proper medical advice.
ii) Display at prominent places the instructions and awareness posters in Urdu, Sindhi and English (as per language commonly read/understood) for workers and staff and at entrance for the visitors/ customers. Where necessary pictorial version of instructions and awareness posters may be used for labour class.
iv) That the practice of handshake and greetings by physical contact in any manner is forbidden among worker/staff/public. Instead, greetings by way of waving of hands or bowing or paying respect by folding both hands or placing right hand on the left side of the chest or any other alternate method as per social and cultural norms should be advised.
v) Thermal guns are to be provided and used at the entrance to screen the entrants.
vi) Persons with high temperature or flue like symptoms and cough should not be allowed.
vii) Entry & Exit points should be properly managed with sufficient staff
viii) Sufficient availability of hand-sanitizers or ideally hand washing facility to be ensured at i.e. the entrance/ exit gates as well as in the office/workplace for all the staff/workers to use.
ix) Such industrial units / business concerns to maintain trained medical staff / doctor for screening etc. 
x) All such workplaces are required to have a register maintained of ALL the persons (Management, staff, workers labourers whether permanent or temporarily hired, etc.) engaged in any form of activity at that promises.
General Directions
1. No person is allowed to come out at any public place, wherever permitted, without any valid reason,
2. Travel in groups without keeping a distance of over three feet between the individuals is strictly prohibited. Pillion riding on motorbikes is therefore not permitted in any case. 
3. No more than two persons should travel in a car. Third person can be allowed only in the case where a sick person being carried requires such an attendant.
4. Persons coming out in public places for some necessity must compulsorily wear a mask.
5. Adequate arrangements for hand disinfection by use of hand sanitizers (that meet minimum standard of containing at least 70% alcohol) and ideally, where possible, frequent hand washing with soap and water thoroughly washing hands for at least 20 seconds.
6. To use tissue paper and properly dispose off it, and sneeze/cough in elbow instead of openly in air.
7. All those suffering from flu, flu-like symptoms, fever, dry cough and body aches must not visit any public place especially any closed premises, and must seek medical advice.
8. To carry and use hand sanitizers (or preferably hand washing with soap) after touching any open public place/item. Special care is to be taken that while using the ATM Machine / Credit /Debit Card mobile machines customer must wipe the area to be touched with sanitizer before using it and washing /disinfecting hand with sanitizer after such activity.
Essential Measures
a. Mandatory Wearing of Face Mask at Public places.
b. Carrying of CNIC at all places.
c. Keeping Distance between individuals at any place and appropriate measure to ensure it.
d. Frequent hand sanitization or preferably washing hands with soap frequently
e. Avoiding crowded and closed spaces.
f. Avoiding as far as possible to come out in public unnecessarily.
g. Proper ventilation of offices / workplaces.
h. Special precautions by elderly and those with chronic disease.
i. Proper measures for disinfecting frequently used items / places.
1. Distancing Measures:
i. Ensure that only minimal essential staff for the permissible activities/operation is engaged. Further, as far as is possible, engage in an online and work from home mode of operation.
ii. No employee or worker over the age of 55 is called for work at work places.
iii. Modify work stations or stagger hours to increase space between staff, visitors and customers/clients. Also determine and display room/hall capacity for persons, keeping in view the over three feet distance required to be kept between individuals.
iv. Reduce congestion by implementing staggered / phased arrival, departure, and break times.
v. Floor markings and dedicated staff to ensure proper queuing of customers/ workers/ labourers is required so as to ensure proper queuing with distance between the persons. If necessary seating for handicapped may be provided for use by them while waiting like queues at banks / shops.

2. Workplace Cleanliness:
i. The workers/staff shall wear masks and hand gloves which are to be ensured in sufficient quantity by the Owner / CEO / Management.
ii. The items that are touched/ used by multiple users must be wiped clean with proper disinfectant after every use. This includes door handles, copy machines/printers, break rooms, remotes, light switches, telephones, keyboards and machinery/equipment operated by the workers/labourers/staff/customer after every use. Dedicated staff should be deputed for this purpose.
ii. The floor must on be cleaned regular basis with disinfectant before and after every shift and premises fumigated as required.
iv. Proper ventilation of workplace and all places for workers/ staff/ customers is to be ensured.
v. All the waste from any process is to be probably disposed off and in no case thrown out in open.
3. Other Areas / Workplaces:
i. Ensure that during lunch or other breaks enough space is provided to workers/staff along with the floor markings, who should sit at a distance of at least three feet apart or if the space is small the break be allowed to workers/staff in a phased manner.
ii. Area must be properly ventilated.
iii. That Prayer area to have no mats/rugs and only limited persons pray at one time to ensure adequate spacing between them and that the floor is wiped clean before and after every prayer.
iv. Toilets are to be kept clean and disinfected after use. A dedicated worker be employed to wipe out/ disinfect after every use.
v. Canteen / Cooking / Baking places as applicable, to adopt same measures of distancing, including floor markings for those serving as well as those being served and use of disposable gloves, masks and head cover by the cook & serving persons. The utensils will be cleaned after every use. Raw material to be touched & prepared wearing gloves all the time as well as while serving.
vi. All the factory/mill owners etc. having residence of employees/workers within premises shall ensure similar measures for awareness and ensuring adherence by workers as well as provision of such facilities for cleanliness/disinfection at workers residing places in the facility/premises.
vii. In large workplace, specially with residential arrangement/area within such place a separate place must be ear-marked for isolation for symptomatic / suspected individuals for further screening/testing and/or transfer to a health facility for further management/treatment of such individual(s).
4. Responsibility:
i. It shall be the responsibility of owner/manager to ensure compliance of above directions, as well as other applicable directions issued by the Government from time to time.
ii. It shall be ensured that all the staff/persons at the premises/site are properly briefed on the Covid-19 spread, preventive steps/precautions against the spread of the virus, sign/symptoms etc. and that all the precautionary measures are followed by all present within such premise/site/workplace.
iii. Necessary instructions/protocols may be prepared in the light of these SOPs for ensuring compliance by all concerned.
iv. The owner/management shall ensure that if there are any signs symptoms in any of labour/employee of COVID-19, it shall be incumbent upon the owner/management to get that labour/employee screened from the hospital and follow relevant SOPs for suspected cases,
v. If the virus spread amongst the worker/labour or community then the owner/management shall accordingly take all necessary measures including suspension of activities till clearance given by Health Authorities. Screening / Testing regime has been notified separately by concerned health authorities who may be contacted for the needful.
vi. Owner, / CEO shall be responsible for treatment / welfare of worker / laboures / persons contracting the disease and any further action required for control of such spread.
vii. Random tests for Covid-19 may be conducted by health authorities from time to time. In case, of any positive case and required further testing for other contacts of any positive case the expenses may be required to be borne by the owner/CEO/Management.

Transportation of Human Resource
1) Whichever business or workplace is allowed to work shall engage/ hire/ contract a vehicle for transporting their employees to and back from workplace or the employees/staff / workers can travel individually on motor-cycle or private cars as instructed under General Instructions above.
2) The designated vehicle shall be intimated at the office of the DC, SSP and Labour Department, with detailed description of the vehicle i.e. Make, reg. no., model, capacity and Color. Moreover, the details like Names and CNIC number of Driver and the Passengers is to be logged in register to be maintained for the purpose.
3) Only such vehicles for workers shall be allowed to ply on the roads that have been approved by the DC(s) concerned in coordination with the SSP(s) who shall maintain such list.
4) Such transport vehicle shall not carry Passengers more than 1/3 of its maximum capacity for the purposes of ensuring social distancing.
5) It shall also be ensured that all the passengers while boarding and disembarking a vehicle, shall maintain well-spaced queue maintaining a distance of over 3 feet / 1 meter all the time.
6) It shall be ensured that the passengers sitting in the vehicle are at least 1 meter apart from one another.
7) The said vehicle shall be designated with a banner pasted/displayed at a visible place describing the name of company/office/ industry with its location.
8) The vehicle shall carry banner with specific instructions related to preventive measures for COVID-19 infection.
9) It shall be the responsibility of the organization to ensure that all persons inside the vehicle wear protective face masks all the time while travelling.
10) While travelling to and from the factory, the driver shall ensure that doors and windows are opened and the vehicle properly ventilated.
11) The vehicle shall be disinfected by using recommended disinfectant Spray and washed clean at least once daily.
Goods Transportation into a workplace / Industrial Unit ete:
i) Raw materials, dissembled parts of machinery and any other material required to be possessed by an industrial unit for a finished product shall be only allowed to enter the industrial unit or premises after the vehicle is completely sanitized and disinfected at the entry point.
ii) Temperature of the drivers, conductors, loaders and other staff of the vehicle transporting such materials shall be monitored at entry points along with other indicators of COVID-19 that are – flu, cough and muscular pain etc.
iii) No person(s) associated with such vehicles having any or all symptoms of COVID-19 shall be allowed to enter the industrial unit or premises. .
iv) All material/goods received shall be properly sanitized and disinfected before its entry to an industrial unit or premises is granted.
v) Seating arrangement of such vehicle amongst the individuals occupying it shall be such that 3 feet distance is maintained.
vi) Individuals occupying such vehicles shall wash hands with soap before entry into an industrial unit or premises and subsequently their hands shall be sanitized. Viz Proper headgear, gloves, gowns and masks shall be worn by the individuals occupying such vehicles. No person(s) without proper gear shall be allowed entry to industrial units or premises.
NOTE: Further instructions as may be necessary to contain the spread of virus may be issued by the Government from time to time.
As may be issued by the government for further steps necessary to contain Covid-19 spread.
This order, and the SOPs/directions issued shall be enforceable immediately and shall remain in force till 8 August 2021 or, may be partially or fully lifted earlier if the periodical review of the COVID-19 situation so warrants.
In view of importance of such measures to be fully in place for preventing spread of disease the concerned businesses / activities which are specifically permitted by an order to operate shall take necessary measures to have all the required arrangements fully in place before starting their operations. That the operations shall only be permitted after an undertaking by the Owner / CEO that all the requirements are fully in place and they are engaging in activity that is specificallypermitted by the government and that they are responsible that no contravention takes place and that action can be taken under relevant laws in case of any default including closure of such place and that in case there is spread of COVID-19 due to such activity they shall be responsible for treatment / welfare of worker / laboures / persons contracting the disease and any further action required for control of such spread. Such undertaking, along with the detailed particulars all the persons who will be working/present at anytime of the operations, shall be deposited with the concerned DC of area with copies, thereof, to Home, Labour and Industries department. :
Any person / owner/manager engaged in any permissible activity/ operation found violating any of the instructions contained in these SOPs shall be liable for action in accordance with law as per section 4 of Sindh Epidemic Disease Control Act 2014. Any business unit/ shop/ store/ manufacturing or non-manufacturing unit found/reported violating the above instructions/Standard Operating Procedures shall have the permission given to them during Covid-19 emergency suspended immediately and such workplaces may be closed.
Secretaries of respective departments viz. Industries, Labour, etc. who are entrusted with Regulation/control of respective activities/function related to above as well as respective Divisional Commissioners are empowered under Section 3(1) of said Act to issue further orders, directions, notices to put this order into effect in letter and spirit and to clarify further for implementation purpose (but not allow what is not permitted or disallow what is permitted). Any action required to be taken under this order may be taken if deemed necessary by taking representative of the concerned Industrial Association (to be nominated by the concerned President).
A team of officers / inspectors of administration, Industries and Labour department duly authorized by Deputy Commissioner or Secretaries concerned may check the place any time for compliance of directions issued by Government.
Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Labour Officer concerned as well as personnel of Law Enforcement Agencies not below the rank of Inspector Police (or of equivalent rank for other Law Enforcement Agencies) are empowered under Section 3(1) of the said Act to take any legal action on any Act in contravention of this order or directions/notices issued thereunder and including action under Section 188 of Pakistan Penal Code 1860. Further legal action can also be taken under relevant Labour, Industrial and other applicable laws.
Sd/- 30.07.2021 (QAZI SHAHID PERVEZ) ADDITIONAL CHIEF SECRETARY (HOME) NO. SOJI/8-1(04)2020(Stage-4 NPIs): Karachi dated 30″ July, 2021