Fashion Trends in Pakistan Now-a Days

Pakistan is a trend-setting country in terms of fashion. When it comes to the fashion industry, Pakistan is leading the race now in the sub-continent as the people are adopting the latest fashion sense. Pakistan is a large country with diversified culture and trends in fashion, but when you talk about the overall level, then the whole nation seems to be fiery and revolutionary. Therefore, with the latest fashion trend in Pakistan, you can see different ideas circulating from neighboring countries and adopted by Eastern culture which is bringing a great fashion trend to the Pakistani fashion industry. In this blog, we will tell a bit about the category of latest clothing trends introduced by various designers in Pakistan which are now acceptable in North America, the Middle East, and the UK.

Keep an eye on brands, generations, images, and much more to create something more exquisite and timeless. You can also rely on stores like Iffah’s that sell the original products at a reduced price. These days, long straight-cut kurtas are accessible, and they are in line with current fashion trends. Chikankari shirts have been popular for a while, and you can wear them with dupattas to make them appear even nicer. For formal occasions, you can contrast straight pants with a pair of slacks.

The pants which are lookalike cigarette sometimes appears to be elegant; celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wore them in the 1950s and 1960s. This style is regaining popularity in Pakistani culture because of its unusual cut and length. Fortunately, no matter what occasion, there are several methods to enhance your appearance with cigarette pants. This spring and summer in 2020, cigarette pants are making a major reappearance. This season, you should surely say goodbye to all of your old pants and prepare to wear attractive and fashionable cigarette trousers.

Prepare to be dazzled by the newest season’s brightest and boldest hues. Every woman and fashionista has been anticipating the arrival of bright hues for their upcoming festivities. For casual attire, women prefer vivid colors to appear more appealing and pleasant. Long and voluminous gowns have long been a favored dress type for weddings and, of course, for party wear. They are lavishly embellished with rich needlework and frequently complement the impression of decency and style. Blowy Gowns are also worn by celebrities.

People choose to wear neutral colors, ice-cream pastels, and various contrasting tones as spring and summer approach. This year’s most popular bridal and casual collection is chic ice-cream pastel, which is all about romantic hues. The dupattas have been a wonderful addition to the high-end gowns. This season, all we offer for your styling needs are heavy dupattas paired with basic and softer-looking gowns. Your costume is complete with lights, ruffles, block designs, rillios, hasas, and a plethora of dupattas. Whether you’re wearing a simple dress or something more formal, a bold dupatta will enhance your overall appearance.

Embroidered denim kurtas were fashionable in Pakistan a few years ago. It also served as a source of inspiration for all women and brands. Denim kurtas have a loose fit and a strong appeal thanks to the vivid embroidery on the sleeves. These are the most comfortable type of clothes. In today’s Pakistani fashion culture, silk shirts are all the rage. Silk shirts are preferred by the younger generation for casual wear. The silk shirt is delicate, comfy, and stylish, but it’s not really inviting. They can nevertheless make the person seem stunning with a little tweaking.

The trend of a medium-length shirt is always at the top of the list! In the contemporary day, the trend is making a comeback in the fashion sector. An example of typically used apparel is cigarette pants and tights are typically used with medium-length shirts. They have a decent appearance and beautifully complement your personality. Medium-length shirts are preferred by women for casual use as well as parties and special occasions. It’s all about medium-length shirts and straight-leg pants this season. If you don’t like blowy dresses, don’t panic; medium-length shirts with pants and trousers are an excellent alternative. Short shirts are not something I want to wear. Long shirts are still in style and look excellent on people of all heights. You’ll be able to select shirts in your preferred length and style. Long, voluminous dresses are also popular this season.

Make sure the solutions you’re contemplating are appropriate for your personality and don’t produce a monotonous appearance. In the Women’s clothes division, tops are the most popular and sought-after garment. They are simple, trendy, and can transform anyone’s appearance without having an overpowering effect. A well-stitched top, whether it’s a short scarf or a basic T-shirt, may enhance the appearance of any woman, especially when purchased from the proper shop. Designer accents are quite popular among women who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The tops appear to be appropriate for any occasion, from graduation parties to corporate events. They are available in a wide range of styles, prints, and colors.

All of the gowns mentioned above are part of the current fashion trends. If you’re having trouble deciding which option best fits your personality, look through IffAh’s collections to see what’s hot in Pakistan right now. Professionals can assist you in making the best options possible based on your requirements and current trends.

Summer Collections are Getting a Lot of Attention

Summer apparel is becoming popular in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, even though the winter season has not yet ended. The major companies, as well as others, begin to flood the market with new designs and striking colours. The ‘Lawn Suiting’ section is the most important. Dull tones are being replaced with new, vibrant tones, which are ideal for the summer months. Pakistani ladies have excellent fashion sense. They choose the appropriate pattern and design with brilliant colours, requiring fabric makers to put in considerable effort in creating the patterns and colour tones. When it comes to Pakistani clothing, summers are completely different. The designs and approaches to clothing trends have completely changed. Lawn collections are highly anticipated and discussed in the Pakistani market. People are excited to see what new products will be introduced to the market and how the number of collections will alter as a result of the upcoming introduction. There are designers who cater to people’s preferences and preferences. Their fashion sense is in harmony with the tastes of the people, and the one that works best becomes their favourite.

Designers have emerged as top creatives in the last two decades, and they now have authority over Pakistani women’s choice in materials, particularly in ‘Lawn Suiting.’ Many of the designers here are interested in improving people’s connections to their favourite things. As a result, client recommendations and preferences are heavily incorporated into the collections. In Pakistan, fashion is mainly influenced by local culture, and the traditional component is constantly taken into consideration. So, in addition to making them more about global fashion, Pakistani fashion designers make sure that their collections are all about the people of the country.

Lawn collections are a popular choice among Pakistani ladies, who prefer them over any other fabric. This trend and high demand have given rise to copies, which people admire since they are less expensive. In most instances, designers begin marketing their Lawn suits well ahead of time so that consumers are aware of what the new collection will include. People get more interested in the collection that will be released ahead of schedule as a result of this.

The advertising and marketing industries play a critical part in generating buzz, turning heads, and piquing people’s attention via various campaigns and photo sessions. In any case, we know that Pakistani lawn suits are in high demand among women, and in order to match that need, designers are putting in a lot of effort to make the most out of the season. Gul Ahmed, Alkaram, Nishat, Adans Libas, Charizma, Khaadi, and many more companies’ creative departments are putting in a lot of work to make consumers desire their collections, which is highly popular in the market. The design staff works with the goal of providing reasonable, high-quality dresses that also look nice so that the majority of the public can benefit from Pakistani lawn collections both online and in stores.

Pakistani trendy apparel shops, as well as the websites of these businesses, are widely recognised for stocking goods that consumers are yearning for right now. People may access online retailers at any time by just browsing through their websites and visiting the online stores to pick out their preferred clothing.

The 2022 Baroque Lawn Collection

This summer Baroque is also among the top brands of Lawn Collection that have displayed alarge and vibrant range of clthng. Everybody knows that Baroque is a well-established high-end fashion label with years of experience. Their products like Chantelle; is a line of fancy wear, whereas Fuchsia is a line of lawn wear under the Chantelle and Fuchsia sub-brands. The company features a wide range of ready-to-wear and unstitched materials to suit any occasion. At cheap prices, you may receive beautiful clothing from the brand if you have a bespoke sewing capability.

With the Fuchsia range, we are talking about a good priced lawn collection in this year of 2022 in Pakistan that has embroidered and printed lawn attires teamed with printed chiffon dupattas- a silky breezy touch. Here you will discover shirts made entirely of lawn fabric, including several that are also created from jacquard lawn. These lawn suits in Pakistan are available in a wide range of colours.

Fashion-forward women may accessorize their looks with opulent dupattas, which are made from luxurious fabrics like cotton dori and organza. The selection of colours is pretty appealing, with a good mix of bright and dark shades. It’s a three-piece lawn dress line by Baroque, which contains shirts made of fabrics like jacquard as well as lawn in an unstitched pattern for formal wear. The shirts are embellished with several embroidered patches, making them even more appealing to the eyeballs. Either printed or embroidered, the Pakistani elegant dupattas are made of silk or cotton dori or organza and may be purchased online.

Eid in summer season couples up the demand of lawn suiting. In such double season, women and girls love to wear the shiny yet lightweight bright colour lawn shilwar qameez with printed dupatta. They buy online as well as visit shopping malls; they enjoy both type of shopping equally.

Is There a Purpose for Brides to Worn White in the West?

White wedding dress has traditionally been linked with innocence and morality in many countries, which is one reason why some brides, particularly in the West, opt to wear white. However, more often than not, you will hear that brides wear white because “it’s tradition.” However, white was not always the only color selected for bridal gowns. In reality, other hues were significantly more commonly picked than white. For many centuries in Western civilizations, bridal gowns came in a variety of hues. This was done for practical reasons as much as anything else. Brides often purchased a wedding gown that could be worn again, or they just wore the nicest garment they had. And white does not lend itself to practicality: it is difficult to keep clean, making it unsuitable for many conditions or repeated use. Many brides choose to wear gowns in colors other than white for their wedding and beyond. So, why do so many modern brides want to wear white? They do so primarily as a result of a trend that began with Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.

Lawn Season For Pakistani Women

Lawn dresses are famous in Pakistan as casual clothes, semi-formal wear, and even for formal occasions throughout the summer. These are available in clearly printed suits using various printing processes, digitally printed suits with even higher quality, and embroidered suits that are traditional with their gorgeous and delicate needlework. To make the magnificent Lawn dresses more formal, they are adorned with stones, laces, net patches, tassels, and other embellishments in addition to embroideries.

For many years, people have kept us all up to date on the current Lawn Collections, and they have shared their lawn collection experiences on numerous fashion websites. These blogs provide us with a wealth of lawn-related knowledge. So now we know that something as light and airy as Lawn is really made of Yarn. The threads are woven in such a way that each time a flawless lawn fabric is produced.

Many companies have now included pre-stitched and unstitched categories in their Lawn collections. Pret collections are frequently popular among working ladies who don’t have time to go to a tailor, while unstitched collections are more popular among those who wish to create their own garments.

Some individuals favor pret over unstitched since it saves time while also being highly cost-efficient in the long term. Pakistani Lawn suits are often available in two and three-piece configurations. A skillfully crafted three-piece shalwar kameez lawn suit with a dupatta or a two-piece Lawn suit consisting of a kameez and contrasting pants, the options are limitless.

This year’s plazzo pants and churidar trousers are a continuation of previous years. The A-line shirts are also returned. This year’s color palette utilized by numerous Clothing Brands in Pakistan has particularly amazed several individuals. The color pallet contains pastel as well as vivid tones of the color spectrum.

If we check into IffAh’s Women Apparel, we can see that they have been selling Pakistani stylish clothing for almost 5 years. They are particularly well-known for providing online services in a variety of apparel and home textile lines using high-quality fabrics. They want to provide customized stitching, packaging, photographic, and labeling services to its loyal clients not only in Pakistan but also in the United Kingdom in the near future.

Every season, IffAh’s Pakistani apparel collection offers a wide selection of unstitched shilwar qameez for females in the Lawn, cotton, linen, and khaddar. The stitched form is also available at a reasonable price from time to time.

Furthermore, IffAh’s Pakistani apparel line exhibits a broad choice of oblique part wear and other party wears in chiffon, net, organza, mesuri, and raw silk throughout the year. They have fashion designers on staff who are always on the lookout for the most up-to-date and stylish fashions.

There are several sorts of dupatta and trouser fabric choices available with lawn shirts, with the most popular dupatta fabrics being net, silk, chiffon, lawn, and so on. Some designer labels receive their lawn fabric from the same firms that sell it to more cost brands, so if you’re on a budget and searching for affordable Lawn suits that are as good as designer suits, you have plenty of possibilities.

Every year, as soon as the first signs of spring appear, all of the brands release their lawn collections, so it is the best time to buy their latest released collections, and if you don’t care for the latest prints, the best time to shop Lawn suits is during the winter season, when many companies put up their previous collections available to sell, so you may get a fantastic deal. Lawn dresses, like any other fabric, come in three-piece suits, two-piece dresses, and Kurtis. They are available in every color and color combination imaginable, with the bulk of Lawn suits being accessible in lighter color hues since many ladies prefer light, non-heat absorbing colors throughout the summer season.

Pakistan’s Most Recent Fashion Designs

Women’s apparel in Pakistan, the nation where Egyptian cotton and Pakistani textile are produced, is awash in trends. In Pakistan most recent fashion designs are very trendy. It is said that Pakistani nations loves the fashion and the cricket. Cricket is back now wheres the fashion is now very cleverly splitted in two seasons, winter and summer.

It is amazing to know that there is no question that people throughout the world are exposed to the current fashion trends in Pakistan. One example is a long shirt worn over a pair of baggy jeans that isn’t only for special occasions and at home, but can be worn in the city as well.

In Pakistan, there is a new trend that may give men a more refined and attractive appearance when they wear it. When it comes to Pakistani fashion, it’s widely accepted that it’s worn by grooms during weddings. A royal aspect might be conferred to the wearer by the person wearing such attire.

However, Pakistan’s fashion sector has not been hampered in any way by the introduction of Western-style clothes such as shirts and trousers. Contrary to popular belief, western clothing may be a little monotonous and dull to wear when compared to other forms of clothing that provide a greater degree of flexibility in terms of cut, fabric, colour, and embroidered work.

These days, it’s easy to notice that a wide range of sports and entertainment personalities are taking use of today’s accessible brands. The purest of all fibres, silk and cotton, may be used to produce a wide variety of designs, colours, and textures.

As a general rule, this Pakistani trend is noted for the exquisite and skillfully cut cotton that may be worn as an evening gown. The sleek design and stylish embroidery is the most crucial factor here.

Mobile Network Codes in Pakistan

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Ahsan Raza Khan

In Pakistan there are 4 cellular companies which are providing mobile network services to the nation. These are Mobilink (also known as Jazz), Ufone, Zong and Telenor. The fifth one known as Warid had been purchased by Jazz some years ago.

It is important to know the cellular company of one’s mobile number when a balance recharge is needed. That means that the correct cellular company has to be chosen while making the transaction of balance load, otherwise the balance transfer will not be done. Generally in Pakistan, the mobile users get a mobile load done of minimum amount to keep their cell number active to receive calls are to give miss call at least.

Further, the mobile companies have certain packages in which they give free or subsidized minutes for the calls made on their own network only. While on the other hand many users who…

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Mobile Network Codes in Pakistan

Ahsan Raza Khan

In Pakistan there are 4 cellular companies which are providing mobile network services to the nation. These are Mobilink (also known as Jazz), Ufone, Zong and Telenor. The fifth one known as Warid had been purchased by Jazz some years ago.

It is important to know the cellular company of one’s mobile number when a balance recharge is needed. That means that the correct cellular company has to be chosen while making the transaction of balance load, otherwise the balance transfer will not be done. Generally in Pakistan, the mobile users get a mobile load done of minimum amount to keep their cell number active to receive calls are to give miss call at least.

Further, the mobile companies have certain packages in which they give free or subsidized minutes for the calls made on their own network only. While on the other hand many users who have ported out must have to inform the caller that though they have issued their cell number from a Company but had been ported out to the another Company so that off-net call charges may not be borne by the caller.   

In order to know the right answer of the question about your cell number Company, below is the list of the stating prefix of the cell number and their relevant Company name for your convenience and ease.

There are fixed serial codes allotted to all networks in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Thus these fixed serial codes help in identifying the correct network, if your number is not ported out to any other Company. Though the has list of suffixes started from 00 and ending on 55 but not all the numbers have been utilized because of mere 4 companies active in Pakistan at the moment.

Mobilink (Jazz)

Mobilink was the first cellular company in Pakistan. With its great features and strong infrastructure and good coverage, it soon became the most popular network in Pakistan and this status is still with Mobilink. Jazz was the Pre-paid side of the Mobilink but with huge recognition of the Jazz, Mobilink has changed their brand name as Jazz from Mobilink since many years.  The Cell number starts with zero (0) for Jazz and with two (2) for Warid after the fixed prefix of ‘03’.

Jazz  Warid
Serial:030X Serial:032X


Ufone had enjoyed the luxury of being state owned network and had provided great service to the users in past. This network company is on second number after Jazz with respect to the number of users, coverage and penetration. However, the difference of it from Jazz is huge. The most favorite package of Ufone is ‘Super Card’ which is the cheapest of all among all cellular companies. Also the Ufone to PTCL land line calls are free or subsidized, which is the main edge of this network on the other cellular company. The Cell number starts with three (3) after the fixed prefix of ‘03’.



The most preferred company for internet data provider is Zong. The data packages are cheaper and the internet speed is the fastest. Though the nationwide coverage is not that much penetrating but still Zong is the first name in the mind when talking about internet data packages and speed. The Cell number starts with one (1) after the fixed prefix of ‘03’.



Telenor is the most marketed network in Pakistan and is known for its great marketing campaigns throughout the year. Their performance is well enough to retain their position on the list with handsome number of the users. The Cell number starts with four (4) after the fixed prefix of ‘03’.



If you want to travel to north of Pakistan to feast your eyes to the world’s most beautiful and scenic landscapes, you have to get services of Scom. In the far flung areas Scom is the only network which is available. It is state owned institution especially formed for this specific purpose of communication in certain areas like Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The Cell number starts with five (5) after the fixed prefix of ‘03’.


Lock Down has Locked Out the On Campus Education

 The ‘new normal’ has changed the lifestyle across the globe… 

  …after the discovery of COVID-19. The magnitude of the change is almost the same all over the world population, however, some countries were found more resilient to it. Despite this fact, formal education has been disturbed equally. The previous year was very turbulent in this regard. The education and health ministries were first adamant to start physical classrooms and then after some months were ready to manage it with careful planning. 

The governments gave standing operating procedures (SOPs) to live a life where Corona Virus is roaming in the streets. They described the steps about how to be confined in your residence. They explained and educated a lot about moving and going out in public while keeping a safe distance, using Face Masks, using sanitizers, and washing hands as and when required.

Similarly, they suggested a safe manner for the students and the teachers to use classrooms on campuses. The students were asked to keep a safe distance, avoid gathering, wear masks, use sanitizer and wash hands. These all practices were additional steps in perusing education in physical. However, due to low acceptance of online teaching, the students tried hard to adapt to these additional steps and to perform on-campus education. 

This year in the first month that is January 2021, in some countries the school and college campuses would open again to welcome their deserving inhabitants.  Keeping that in view the students must still act upon the SOPs and should observe the strict guidelines to inhibit the dissemination of COVID-19 among themselves. 

The encouraging thing is that the vaccine against coronavirus has also been developed by various pharma companies. In various countries, the vaccine has also been given to their citizens on a phased basis. The vaccination has been started in the United States of America, China, and Europe. While in some Asian countries the vaccination would start by the end of March 2021. It is estimated that a great number of people would be vaccinated by the end of this year i.e.2021. 

We hope that vaccination will curb the disease to that extent so that students could continue their on-campus education with more ease and free mind.