While living in Canada, how to file your tax returns quickly ?

Living in Canada is 

 so good that many people from all over the world wish to migrate from their native countries to Canada. People, who apply and get success in immigration to Canada, consider themselves blessed. While living in Canada is a great experience for Canadian citizens, tax return filing is an important governmental activity that is essential in order to know the actual income of the country as well as to know other economic factors like the level of unemployment. Actually, the filing of a tax return is also important because, god forbid, if someone got unemployed, he/she will get financial support from the government immediately. However, it seems to be a little bit tricky activity as the process of filing the tax returns and tax terminology is not well accustomed to a layman and one can be perplexed.

In addition to some other methods, there are two main methods by which you can file your tax return fast in Canada. First is; the tax returns can be filled out and be mail to the local tax service office. Paper Return can be obtained from a post office, office of the local tax service or otherwise can be downloaded from the CRA website. The refund will be provided in 4-6 weeks if any.

Secondly, in lieu of a paper return, you can file your return online too. The government of Canada has NETFILE and ReFILE services by which one can file his / her tax return online. This method is fast and the refund will be provided in about 2 weeks if any. It is to be noted that one cannot file his / her tax return online if he/she is filing for the first time. That means in any case you have to send your paper tax return for the first time.

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