Nine Habits of Healthy Persons

In my view, nine habits of a person might turn into healthy and longer life. And also in my view, these might be the habits of people who do live a very long life and are also quite healthy. So let’s take a look at these habits to see if you can break them down and implement them into your own life so that you can be healthier and hopefully live longer.

Habit # 1 is that the people who move around for at least thirty minutes a day. Physical activity has all kinds of benefits from psychological to physiological to all kinds, even your friendships. The quality of your friendships can increase just by moving around for 30 minutes a day because it increases the healthiness of the neurons in the brain. I would suggest these 30 minutes of movement is a bare minimum and if that bare minimum is a struggle make it something that you enjoy doing like playing a sport. If you like lifting then go and lift if you like running then go and run, if you like running do not go and lift if that’s not what’s going to motivate you to move around for 30 minutes a day.
Habit # 2 is that healthy people have a favorite sport. It doesn’t need that you should be a sports guy but if you do enjoy playing basketball with some friends then this will help a lot in moving around for 30 minutes a day. In fact when you go out and play basketball with your friends you don’t even realize 30 minutes has passed. It’s usually an hour or two hours and then the gyms closing and it’s like wow I did not realize I spent that much in physical activity while enjoying the time with my friends.
Habit # 3 is that the healthy people educate themselves about the food that they put in their bodies. This is something that a lot of people struggle with because there’s a lot of myths and bad information on the internet but what you can do is sort through it so just read as much as you can and you’ll kind of start to understand that all right this is a myth and I don’t need to believe this. This is a bad article, this website gives out horrible information… it’s just something that you do overtime. You just have to continually educate yourself about the food, about macronutrients, about calories even technical stuff like how to build muscle, how to lose weight etc.
Being healthy habit # 4 is that healthy people have a meal plan. This isn’t something that you would have really implemented in your life but you must have a schedule. You have certain meals that you go through your day and you know that these are healthy enough and these don’t have any major carcinogens. However, if you eat them through the day will be not good. So having a meal plan or at least a meal schedule is something that a lot of healthy people have in their life.

Habit # 5 is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. For that, you can carry around a two-liter bottle of water. At start for some people, it’s going to be a ton of water especially if they are used to drinking pop or soda throughout the day. Some people drink a lot of tea so switching from tea to water would be quite a challenge but after 6 months they will be drinking anything other than specifically water or milk. If you go to bed and right before you chug around 8 ounces of room-temperature water, for some reason it will help you to get to sleep better.
Habit # 6 is that they are outside a lot. As we all know that overexposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer if you do not protect yourself from it well enough, but your body will start to produce more nutrients from the sunlight like vitamin D. It is thought that people can actually start to get depressed if the natural sunlight is taken away from them. It’s called sad or seasonal affective disorder so there are proven benefits of having sunlight.
Habit # 7 is that they get at least 7 hours of quality sleep. This habit is the most important one. You can have sleep but if the lights on and there’s a weird noise in the background then you’re not going to have quality sleep. Try to keep the light off. Do not take any caffeine for less than six hours before you go to sleep. Turn down most of the light, even on your phone there should be like a brightness thing that you can turn down.

Habit # 8 is that they meditate frequently. It is thought that people who have meditated actually experienced that it improves the quality of their life from handling their emotions better to improving their sleep quality, to even feeling more peaceful throughout the day. Just a couple minutes of meditation right after you wake up or right before you go to bed can increase grey matter in your brain and perhaps technically can increase your IQ over time.
Habit # 9 is that they smile. You will notice that for some reason healthy people smile a lot. Author Shafiq Ur Rehman in his humor- ‘Mazeed Hamaqatain’ pointed out that a character was always rude because of constipation. So there is a correlation or causation that healthy people smile a lot. Maybe they’re healthy that is why they smile or maybe because they smile a lot, they are healthy. If you practice you would know that yes there’s a correlation between this. So if you put yourself in a lot of situations where you can smile, where you are happy, where you are fulfilled and joyful, and just motivated to do stuff throughout the day.

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