Lock Down has Locked Out the On Campus Education

 The ‘new normal’ has changed the lifestyle across the globe… 

  …after the discovery of COVID-19. The magnitude of the change is almost the same all over the world population, however, some countries were found more resilient to it. Despite this fact, formal education has been disturbed equally. The previous year was very turbulent in this regard. The education and health ministries were first adamant to start physical classrooms and then after some months were ready to manage it with careful planning. 

The governments gave standing operating procedures (SOPs) to live a life where Corona Virus is roaming in the streets. They described the steps about how to be confined in your residence. They explained and educated a lot about moving and going out in public while keeping a safe distance, using Face Masks, using sanitizers, and washing hands as and when required.

Similarly, they suggested a safe manner for the students and the teachers to use classrooms on campuses. The students were asked to keep a safe distance, avoid gathering, wear masks, use sanitizer and wash hands. These all practices were additional steps in perusing education in physical. However, due to low acceptance of online teaching, the students tried hard to adapt to these additional steps and to perform on-campus education. 

This year in the first month that is January 2021, in some countries the school and college campuses would open again to welcome their deserving inhabitants.  Keeping that in view the students must still act upon the SOPs and should observe the strict guidelines to inhibit the dissemination of COVID-19 among themselves. 

The encouraging thing is that the vaccine against coronavirus has also been developed by various pharma companies. In various countries, the vaccine has also been given to their citizens on a phased basis. The vaccination has been started in the United States of America, China, and Europe. While in some Asian countries the vaccination would start by the end of March 2021. It is estimated that a great number of people would be vaccinated by the end of this year i.e.2021. 

We hope that vaccination will curb the disease to that extent so that students could continue their on-campus education with more ease and free mind.

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