Imtiaz Super Market

Ten years ago, everybody in Karachi was familiar with Imtiaz Super Market, and now… 

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  … every dweller of a major city of Pakistan knows much about the Imtiaz Super Market. It’s now a supermarket chain in Pakistan.

With a humble background, rooted in the typical culture of Karachi, where Karachiites buy their month-long grocery from Joria Bazzar, Imtiaz Super Store served them in a similar fashion as a very good grocery store. The Staff was courteous and the Till was quick. The Range was complete and plentiful and the Price was as low as of Joria Bazaar. That was the key. Imtiaz Super Store boomed. Its pupal stage completes with the completion of metamorphosis and its Imago is now ‘Imtiaz Super Market’, an ultimate shopping experience.

Imtiaz Super Market (ISM) exhibits a potential of 18 branches situated in 6 cities across Pakistan, showcasing 10K plus brands and with over 7k dedicated employees, they are serving their 500k plus loyal customers.

It is fun for the Karachiites to go to ISM on the first weekend of a month. They find it very convenient to shop their groceries, savor the vast varieties of kids’ toys, girls’ jewelry, and men’s car or home workshop tools or accessories. Also, the complete and separate portion for women is a great place for the ladies to buy from shoes to perfume, from bangles to socks.

The cool temperature is heaven-like in summer and vast corridors are the reason for free and agile movement in the Store. The full-fledged pharmacy with almost all medicines is a real treat as, after grocery, no one likes to leave home again and buy medicines from a nearby medical store. In addition to that, all necessary portable medical equipment are available like Blood Sugar Testing Machine, Manual and Digital Blood Pressure Machines, the Oximeters, and the Nebulizers.  

Along with vegetables and bakery items, they have a meat shop as well. There one can buy all types of ‘Halal’ meat with the satisfaction of reasonable price, freshness, and weight. In the meet shop, all range of protein is available from White to Red.  They have tender chicken, veal, and fish. 

To add topping on it, the prices in ISM are very reasonable. In fact, the prices are cheap. That is why buying from ISM is economical for all walks of life. Moreover, the tea lovers and the chocolate addicts find their choices which are imported and are manufactured or packed in the near past. Thus the shelf life of these commodities is very long in ISM.  

It is laudable that the Imtiaz Super Market has extended their services from Karachi to major cities of Pakistan. Thus providing a good environment for shopping, convenience, fun, and outing. The efforts to provide the customer experience with convenience and economy are actually materialized by ISM by giving more than 60 years filled with toil. The business is run by family and the determination towards excellence is now their hallmark shown by all family members.

There was a time when we were facing a big question of doing groceries, whether from Joria Bazzaar or the local market but now we can do our shopping under one roof with ease and a happy face.

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