Fear of Taking Examination

The examination is the procedure that helps in students’ assessment. In Pakistan during this pandemic of Corona Virus Disease 2019, the ability to take examinations is reduced a lot. It is mainly due to the fact that since 2020 till date, the full academic activities on-premises could not be done. Online distant learning was used from Montessori to Ph.D. classes. The experience of online classrooms was good and had served much but due to the primary shortcomings of an online class, the full academic session had not been done.

An online class is not as disciplined as any on-premise class. The students got bored. They have more attraction around them which distracts them from taking an online class. Problems like the internet issue, the electricity availability, and the quality of the gadget being used also hampered the process of learning. This left the pupils to learn by themselves with the help of home tuition by their parents or siblings. The situation is worse in homes where the family members are not educated enough to give tuition. Anyhow, the whole lot has struggled much to cope up with Covid-19 damages to their academics.
The government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Education was well aware of this dilemma and had taken some steps to ease out the plight of the students. They knew that the students are not well versed with the full course. However, they can do their best with the reduced study outline. Keeping that in view, the government has reduced the syllabus. Also, the portion of MCQs has been increased in the written exam so that less writing is required to pass the examination.
The irony is that the aforementioned situation has put students in lethargy. They are not much panicked now. They are of the view that the course has been shortened. The MCQs portion is increased. So it’s easy to cross the passing line. They have dropped the point from their mind that doing so they would not attain a good level of knowledge which might be required in next level of education and in the professional life.

Meanwhile, a number of students thought that they deserve a sympathy pass from the Examination Board or University as they had gone through the worse disaster in the world. They staged demonstrations in various cities of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan took notice and talked with them. However, the GoP is convinced that the measures took earlier are fair and will serve good to serious students.
Resultantly, Matric and Intermediate Board examinations are underway during July 2021 throughout Pakistan. Might be all students are not happy in general but the serious students must be working hard to shine out and to secure their future. These tough times in the life of the current youth will remain a part of memory and they will enjoy it when they will remember it. The hardship will go soon and only the happiness will prevail because the power of the human race is so strong that it survives each time when a calamity tries to engulf it.

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