Earn Money By Writing Subtitles in 2021

If you’re looking to earn money by writing subtitles for videos movies and other video projects, online subtitling jobs will be perfect for you whether you’re new to this field or have some background knowledge. This post will explain everything you need to know together with listing a few companies where you can apply. Also some pros and cons will be presented to help you decide whether it is really your cup of tea.
Subtitles are intended for viewers who couldn’t understand the spoken language in the video. Writing subtitles simply means translating the video language into another recommended language and text format. A good example will be English subtitles found in Thai movies.
What is the difference between captions and subtitles? It is essential to know the difference between them as people fall into confusion considering they are the same though both have somewhat the same job. There is a slight difference between them. Captions are written text shown when the audio is not clear it just displays the exact words the person is talking about in the video for example if you are watching a video where the voice is too low that you’re unable to understand adding a caption solves the problem on the other hand subtitles are translated text shown when the targeted audience couldn’t understand the language for example being an English-speaking person when you watch a video in an unfamiliar language like Korean or Japanese, an English subtitle can help you figure out the conversation.
Now one might think that what are the skills needed for earning money by writing subtitles. The skills required for this job are not something extraordinary in fact most of you are probably qualified if you know how to read and write in another language besides English. But there are a few things you need to understand before getting into the subtitling scenario. You should know how to work with translation tools in YouTube subtitles. You must also know how to shorten a long conversation into a few words keeping the same meaning intact. Must possess good typing speed so you can complete projects faster within the time frame. Must have impeccable writing skills. If you work on these things, you can improve your chances of getting selected by subtitling companies. Though some clients prefer an experienced freelancer, many don’t care as long as you know the required language. Obviously it is good news for beginners but it is still recommended enrolling in online training to understand all the tricks of the trade before commencing your subtitling journey. There are online courses that teach subtitling learning. A skill from an expert is the best way to shorten the learning curve and gain more confidence even though the subtitling job may look like a piece of cake it needs some proper training. This will help you in impressing your clients. That’s why a few courses are recommended that will help you polish this skill. So course number one is ‘Learn all about creating subtitles’. It is in Udemy. This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn the proper way to subtitle and caption videos. Course number two is ‘English and Spanish audio visual translation guide’. This course is suitable for people who want to subtitle English and Spanish videos.

You may wonder that how much does a subtitle translator earn. At ‘REV’ the basic pay goes around one dollar and fifty cents to three dollars per audio video minute depending on the language. This can estimate up to $ 900 plus a month, if you’re freelancing you can even make more as you don’t have to share the earning with the company. Though the income looks impressive you’re only going to achieve such numbers when you can wrap up several projects in a month. This can only happen when your typing speed and writing skills are impeccable. Also when you gain sufficient experience you will be the first choice for clients over beginners thus resulting in more opportunities and more earning.
You can find subtitle typing jobs as there are two ways to get into the subtitle typing business. Either start freelancing by offering your service to the clients or join online subtitling companies to get started with freelancing. Try the following websites; No. 1, Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancer sells their gigs starting from five dollars. To get started, create an account by listing all the details about your gig. Ensure the description is captivating and well written because that’s what the clients are checking before choosing you. Also start your gig with a minimum price and work way up till you have completed more jobs. No. 2, Upwork. Upwork is another freelance platform where you have to bid for the jobs to receive work from clients. Basically you need to create an account by filling all the details and then look up subtitle jobs using the search bar. Once you have chosen a job bid for it and wait for the client’s approval. Most of the times they are going to reject you as they can choose experienced freelancers, however, if you’re lucky you may get the deal.
An excellent way to increase your chance of getting the project is by bidding at a minimum rate. No. 3, FlexJobs. FlexJobs is a job searching site where anyone can find remote work from home and other job opportunities. Though you have to pay a price of $6.95 to access the listings for a week you can still browse the jobs for free. The only thing you can’t do is view the complete job detail and apply for the job number. No. 4, Freelancer. Freelancer works the same way as Upwork where you have to bid for projects. To receive the job apart from this, join ‘Peopleperhour’, which is a Fiverr alternative. There are indeed some other websites to find subtitling jobs.
It is important to know that there are two companies where you can work as a freelance subtitle translator after clearing their test. Number 1 is REV. Besides providing transcription and caption services they also provide freelance subtitle jobs where you can earn up to 958 dollars a month which is anywhere from one dollar and fifty cents to three dollars per audio / video minute. While applying for the job you must submit an English writing sample and your subtitling resume to proceed the work comprises converting English spoken video files into the recommended language and the payments are released weekly. Number 2, Vanan. Vanan is another company that started in 2013 offering similar jobs. They have previously worked for some big firms like HP, Intel, NASA, Harvard University and many more.
The subtitling job vacancy is not always available. You need to keep checking their website from time to time to see if there are any available positions.
Every job has some pros and cons and subtitling jobs is no different. Here are a few advantages you can enjoy as a subtitle translator. 1) Experience is not much needed to get into this field as long as you know multiple languages you’re good to go. 2) The subtitle writing job will become easy as long as you have a good grip on English and you’re well versed in the required language like Spanish, Korean, Thai etc. Though everybody loves the job benefits there are some cons you need to know before making your final decision. Con No. 1, this is not a well-paying job that can be considered full-time, if you are interested in only making extra money as a side hustle, go ahead. Con No. 2, you may have to face a lot of rejections from the clients when you’re starting out, however, this will improve as you gain experience. Con No. 3, sometimes you may find poor video audios that can hinder your work speed. It is hoped that these pros and cons will help you decide whether it is a really workable job for you or not.

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